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Our Bates Tree Services is a specialized service provider in Lake City TN. We provide all types of clients including residential, government and commercial clients. Our tree service includes a well-trained unit equipped with several special equipment, so they can provide all types of tree services effectively. What other tree services we offer? We offer to our customers: expert tree care services,  professional stump removal, emergency tree removal, tree trimming and landscaping services.

Thank you for the awesome tree care service. Your tree specialist have done wonderful work with out tree!

Mar 27, 2013 by Harry Mathews

Thank you for the awesome tree care service. Your tree specialist have done wonderful work with out tree!
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Bates Tree Services
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Pruning twigs and branchesEach one of our technicians is highly trained in all types of service that is related to tree. As some of the tree-trimming services can be dangerous, we guarantee to protect the surrounding premises while conducting a service. Furthermore, Bates Tree Services is fully licensed and insured. We always prioritize customer satisfaction. Hence, we guarantee to provide quality service at all times.

Not only is trimming trees necessary for safety, it also enhances the exquisite beauty of a landscape. There are many tree care companies in Lake City TN but not many of them acquire the skills to keep your trees green and lush. Just because a person has a chain saw does not mean he is qualified to prune trees. Bad tree trimming can damage or destroy a tree. For more information about our services and pricing please feel free to contact us.

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Our team of highly trained and experienced tree care professionals is dedicated to providing the best tree care and support services in Lake City TN. Sun rays  in a forest.They are knowledgeable on the proper way to trim a tree. Correctly trimmed and manicured trees will live longer. Our tree specialists use the right tools so that your trees will grow and look vibrant. Our tree cutters can help you with your tree issues!

Finding a true tree care company can sometimes be a challenging endeavor. Not many Lake City TN companies can give you a reasonable price or the high quality service you need. At Bates Tree Services we have a experienced team of properly trained tree cutting and maintenance specialists that can take care of all the tree services you need.

Let the most reliable tree service company in Lake City TN allow you with the services you want swiftly. While we offer the most competitive price for your tree care services, we also produce excellent service so you shouldn’t have to deal with other companies that charge you outrageous prices.

When you telephone Bates Tree Services, we will schedule an appointment with you to explore the details of the project. Find out more about our services and how easy it can be to get the highest quality service at a great price, call us today. Our friendly tree specialists will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Yes, trees are a great way to decorate your property. They add beauty and charm to any property. However, trees can become too large and their limbs can become bothersome. These limbs can also cause damage to many different types of property. At times, whole trees also must be removed from one’s property. This can be expected to storm damage, diseases and just because they are in the way due to planned building plans. Bates Tree Services which is located at Lake City TN is a tree ordinance that also offers tree removal service.

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Tree removal services offer many benefits for homeowners. Although most homeowners with tree-lined properties possess the skills necessary to fell some trees, many tree failures require professional help. For example, felling a 15 foot spruce on an obstruction-free landscape is a task many homeowners can successfully complete, but a thirty-five foot oak with a large crack down the middle is not as easy a task. For hazardous cases, professional tree removers have the skills to defeat the tree and haul it away.